What if you could do your job now, face-timing with your friends and family from your favourite outdoor location, away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic and annoying office noises?

Thanks to the Zenith Solar Backpack, with integrated solar panel from Sunslice, that dream suddenly becomes reality.

You want to get away, but not quite. Your friends invite you to go hiking or biking, but things get stuck all the time, so you never get to leave that desk behind you. Sound familiar?

Sunslice backpack with solar charger blueThe Belgian company Sunslice, based in Leuven-la-Neuve, offers the ideal solution with the Zenith Solar Backpack. with its discreet, stylish and flexible integrated solar panel (developed in California), an efficiency of 15% and integrated USB port, a power bank can be charged as soon as the backpack is exposed to the sunlight. The power bank is placed in the specially designed compartment at the front of the backpack. Sunslice recommends the Sunslice Gravity range, but any type of power bank can in principle be connected to the Zenith Solar Backpack.

The 8W solar panel is scratch, dirt and water resistant and has a coating to optimize the sun rays radiation at any angle to achieve the highest efficiency.

In addition, external USB connection is provided so that you can charge your smartphone without having to remove the power bank from your backpack. Ideal for cycling or a brisk walk.

The main compartment of the Zenith Solar Backpack can carry any laptop up to 15.6 inches and is spacious enough to carry all your stuff, and there are also a number of side pockets to store a drink bottle or an umbrella, as well as some secret anti-theft compartments in the lower back and front strap of the backpack, making them inaccessible to pickpockets.

Sunslice has also paid a lot of attention to comfort. Thanks to the comfortable paddings for the shoulder blades, a well-ventilated back lining and light weight, a sweaty back is avoided and maximum carrying comfort is guaranteed. On top of that, the Zenith Solar Backpack has a system that can be attached to your luggage, so that you can let it rest carefree during long waiting times at the train station or airport.

The Zenith Solar Backpack recharges the battery of your digital devices during your hike, on foot or by bike, so you can access all the information you want to view or share anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about the already-than-not-available energy percentage of your batteries, and is the only way to fully unite freedom and connectivity and is therefore the most important tool to usher in the new normal with renewed energy.

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