Nice to see you here. We are very keen to see you offering your products for sale as an entrepreneur with the first independent Belgian sales platform. We'd like to pool our knowledge to make that a success story.

Your store at ViBel is ready as soon as you place your first article online. This requires two simple steps:

1. Create a seller account

Register as a seller and enter your shopping and personal details. You can add your logo and a description of your store, along with the contact details and return and warranty conditions.

2. Post your first article online

Create a first article now. This way you immediately learn which steps you go through to publish it for sale.

3. The ViBel partner service

Our team is happy to help you every step of the way to make selling with ViBel simple and easy.

4. How much does selling with ViBel cost?

You only pay a sales contribution when your item is actually sold.
There are NO costs other than the sales contribution
The sales contribution consists of two parts: 1. a fixed contribution and 2. a percentage of the sales price.
As a registered seller you can view the details of the sales contribution at any time.


Pic1: the vendor control panel

From your control panel you have a good overview of your customers, their orders and their payment status and the orders still to be delivered.
With this dashboard you can also prepare new articles in all sizes, colors and specific properties that define your products. Of course we are happy to help you import your articles and supply photos and illustrations.

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